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2019 ADS Annual Meeting Courses


Friday May 16th

Esthetic Dentistry with Composites:  (All Day Course)

Achieving great results an longevity is easier than you may think. This lecture will focus on the perspectives of contemporary composites and which parameters are key for making imperceptible, esthetic restorations. Attendees will learn the optical properties of both teeth and composites and how to balance translucence and opacity. We will discuss a step-by-step method for finishing and polishing to create excellent, esthetic restorations every time. New techniques and tools will also be discussed: photo curing, diode lasers, and a system for creating fast, predictable anterior direct veneers.

Saturday May 17th

Simple and Complex Implant Restorations:  (All Day Course)

For many clinicians and their patients, dental implants are quickly becoming the preferred treatment of choice for tooth replacement. As the paradigm continues to shift with implants becoming the standard of care, there is more demand for not only functional, but esthetic treatment outcomes. This course will discuss the role of interdisciplinary treatment planning for predictable, stable results. The importance of simplicity and reliability for successful long-term outcomes will also be presented. A comprehensive review of implant treatment planning, both analog and digital will be provided, so you can understand how to achieve predictable restoration of teeth, even when treating patients with compromised periodontal or orthodontic situations.

Collections – The 3 C’s to a Profitable Practice. (AM course)
Having a profitable practice requires a team effort. From the first phone call when the first question a patient asks is “how much will my insurance pay?” our daily lives begin to revolve around insurance. Your entire team will learn how to step out of that mind set and step into customer service, quality health care and ultimately a profitable practice. Discover how excellent communication proper coding by the team and above average collections can impact your practice’s efficiency and financial health. Walk out of this high energy course feeling energized with the realization, the revolution has just changed.

Eyes, It’s Not Just About Dentistry. Do you really know your patients?  (PM Course)
Do they know you? In the life cycle of a patient, it’s not just about how many clicks in the computer or how many restorations you have done. What it is about is how many real conversations you have had, the personal care and the customized touch. Let’s take customer service to a whole new level by learning who your target audience is, what they expect and what they see. A patient’s positive perception is your success. It’s time to put on different glasses and see things in a new perspective!