2020 ADS Annual Meeting Courses


Friday ​February 21st

Precision, Productivity and Profitability of Implant Prosthetics in Private Practice by Dr. Robert C. Vogel  (all day course)

This scientifically based fast moving presentation designed for private practice will cover state of the art Topics, Tips and Techniques in Implant Prosthetics. A systematic approach to ideal Esthetic treatment of single teeth and fully edentulous patients will be presented emphasizing longterm biologic stability, predictability and improved profitability. Topics in Fixed, Removable and Hybrid Prosthetics will be addressed focusing on: New options for Screw Retained restorations, ideal restorative material selection, Provisionalization and realistic digital workflows. Also discussed will be Simplified Overdentures,Implant Retained Partial Dentures and Foolproof Fee Determination,Ideal Insurance Codes and Patient Presentation Techniques. An in-depth discussion of the Newest Components &Technologies to gain confidence with abutment selection and incorporating the benefits of CAD CAM and zirconium restorative materials will be included.

Saturday ​February 22nd

Evidence Based Restorative Materials Update: Separating Fact from Fiction by Parag R. Kachalia, DDS (all day course)
This program will look at a broad spectrum of restorative materials available today. Over the course of the last 5 years there has been an explosion in the number of restorative materials that are available to the practitioner. Years ago the practitioner was simply asked to pick between amalgam, ceramo-metal restorations and gold.
Today’s practitioner must consider the various generations of bonding agents, composites, ceramics, cements, etc. The course will allow the practitioner to sift through the confusing maze of materials and decide which materials are most appropriate for a multitude or restorative situations. Specific materials
that will be covered include, self-etch adhesives, low shrinkage bulk fill resins, advancements in flowable composites, and new generation of resin and resin modified glass ionomer cements. (Direct and Indirect)

Creating Practice Excellence: A total systems approach by Cindy Ishimoto (​morning course)
​How to achieve the success you imagine. The top 3 systems that every practice can benefit from
refining. Scheduling: are you fitting the puzzle pieces together to achieve your production goals or plugging the openings with patients? Collections: are you collecting what you produce or is the accounts receivable system growing? Are patients proceeding with treatment you recommended
or are they putting it off because they can’t fit the treatment in their budget? Participants will learn: How to effectively schedule to meet the office goals, doctor needs and patient needs. How to prevent the dreaded “double booked” syndrome in the scheduling system. How to collect over the counter and how to offer financial options that work with the patients’ needs and meet the practice standards of collecting.  Decrease the amount of open time in your practice by learning the ABC’s of preventing broken appointments

Field of Dreams:  Key Players, Stars and Superstars by Cindy Ishimoto (afternoon course)
Exceptional People + Exceptional Service = Extraordinary Success  Goals: Team together everyone achieves more.  This presentation will help practices pull up the anchors holding them back, establish the vision and guidelines for the future and learn to implement the plan   Learn the Why, Where, What and How and apply it to your practice.  Pearls on personnel manuals, how to make this be a positive document for your practice and team.  Hiring “the right” people, hiring for attitude and training for excellence.  Lifting the education bar higher, how to create professionals in your own environment.  Creating your environment of excellence in communications.  Meetings that work!