ADS Annual Meeting Courses

2024 ADS Annual Meeting Courses


Thursday,February 15th

"Practical Dental Ethics: A round table Discussion" by John Tiemessen, JD
A review and discussion of practical dental ethics problems in practice, business, and professional relationships. Focus is on methods to analyze problems in advance and deal with risk management in a proactive rather than reactive manner.

Friday,February 16th

"Innovative Solutions to Advanced Cosmetic Restorative Problems" by Dr. Okuda

In this present age of society working with the modern cosmetic restorative patient can be very demanding.  The expectations are difficult unless you are armed with the latest in innovative concepts to correct their complex cosmetic restorative problems.   Dr. Okuda will discuss clinical and patient management of cosmetic, implant and restorative cases for predictable success.  Using over 33 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry this lecture is directed towards providing knowledge to solve complex esthetic, cosmetic  and restorative challenges.

Learning Objectives

  1. Accelerated Treatment - meeting the needs of the modern cosmetic patient.Innovative problem-solving using Accelerated Treatment protocols will be showcased.
  2. Defining and learning the different approaches to esthetic and

    cosmetic dentistry and its impact on maximizing implant dental results.

  3. Achieve natural esthetic results using innovative solutions to correct complex esthetic problems
"What I learned in 30 years of cosmetic dentistry" by Wynn Okudu

Having a cosmetic and restorative practice for the last 30 years has given me the opportunity to see and learn many lessons. Working on the modern cosmetic patient can be very demanding and meeting their expectations can be difficult to attain.   It’s important to have a methodical approach in order to achieve predictable and consistent success.  In this presentation I will share my “Okuda Axioms”  that has allowed me to be successful with cosmetic and restorative dentistry for over 30 years.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about the “Axioms of Success” to create a successful cosmetic and restorative practice.
  2. Understand the latest in Smile Design concepts to meet the high demand of the modern cosmetic patient.
  3. Learn how to use State-of-the-Art in material science to attain predictable esthetic restorative success.
"Hot Topics in Infection Control – Since COVID-19" by Nancy Dewhirst, RDH

Update and review the most important clinical safety issues since COVID-19 fundamentally changed dental infection control. This class gives you a “Hit List” of the most important things to do! Optimize the most effective strategies to apply laws and guidelines that manage safety challenges such as aerosol transmitted diseases (ATD’s) and evolving / resistant pathogens. Get some cool tips for these hot topics!

Learning Objectives - Attendees will:

  • Prioritize safety strategies that are the most effective
  • Update standards for bloodborne, contact, droplet and airborne diseases
  • Manage biofilms and plan for combined health concerns.
Surprise! It’s A Disaster!! Now What? by Nancy Dewhirst, RDH

Let’s kick start your personal and professional readiness. Participants learn how to use their skills, training and experience to prepare for, assess and respond to disasters. Shelter-in-place or evacuation strategies and scenarios are presented for a variety of situations, including weather disasters such as earthquakes, floods and tornados, epidemics, and accidental or purposeful chemical or radiation exposure, terrorist acts, fire and explosions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize types of disasters
  • Describe appropriate courses of action based on types of disasters
  • Identify primary and secondary biological / disease threats related to disasters
  • Learn about options for personal and local planning
  • Begin the process of preparing a survival pack

Saturday,February 17th


Let’s face it, sitting through a lecture about dental caries or caries risk assessment isn’t appealing (in fact it sounds downright boring). However, the science of clinical cariology is beginning to have an impact on restorative techniques and technology. Streptococcus mutans has more to fear than a rheostat, now that we’re armed with salivary diagnostics and bioactive materials. At the end of this course, participants should be able to:

• Intervene medically in the caries process

• Control patient caries risk with focused therapeutics

• Design restorations to minimize recurrent decay

• Improve the prognosis of restorative treatment

"NOBODY CARIES" by Dr. Brian Novy

Sometimes it seems as though our patients don’t grasp the basic concept of home care. Other times our patients with impeccable hygiene develop rampant decay and we feel helpless because we can’tfigure out what’s going on. The mouth is a remarkable environment that cariologists are finallybeginning to understand, and so can you. Come learn everything you didn’t know about plaque and the amazing organisms that make the mouth a wonderful place to work. At the end of this course, participants should be able to:

• Explain the mixed ecological approach to caries causation

• Apply Evidence Based and novel preventive therapies

• Quickly identify high caries risk patients before they develop disease

• Stop “watching” lesions and see them get smaller

How Connecting Patients, Conversations & Workflows Drives success in the Digital ERA by Tammy Staiger, RDH


            In the fast-evolving and competitive field of dentistry, digital technology and a seamless workflow are a must for any dental practice. Throughout this course, you will understand how to connect with the patient, identify areas of concern, and begin the conversation for prescribed dental treatment. Additionally, the speaker will review the comprehensive application of the iTero scanner in terms of patient education, treatment acceptance, and efficient digital workflow. 


- Understand the key elements of proper occlusion and identify strategies for effective patient conversations

- Utilize visual aids to educate and engage with patients to increase case acceptance

- Incorporate the Align Digital Platform™ with each step of the patient journey

- Review the newest digital tools on the iTero™ Scanner and implement into the appointment workflow

The Art of Conversation: Maximizing Case Acceptance - Tammy Staiger

Course description: 

Learn the power of conversation from each stage of the patient experience. From scheduling the patient to determining payment options, conversations are critical to positive outcomes resulting in treatment acceptance. This course will help you learn simple principles and verbiage that transform each team member’s conversation into informative and persuasive messaging to position your practice for success. 


- Recognize the pivotal role each team member has in the art of conversation

- Delve into effective verbiage to communicate the value of accepting treatment