2023 ADS Annual Meeting Courses


Thursday, June 8th

"Practical Dental Ethics: Real life problems without good answers" by John Tiemessen, JD.

A review and discussion of practical dental ethics problems in practice, business, and professional relationships. Focus is on methods to analyze problems in advance and deal with risk management in a proactive rather than reactive manner.

Friday, June 9th

Align Technology presents "Unlocking Opportunities and Empowering Your Team Through Digital Scanning"  by Tammy Staiger, RDH

This course is designed to help dental team members better understand malocclusion and conduct meaningful educational conversations with their patients. The speaker, Tammy Staiger, RDH BS, will review routine scanning suggestions related to creating co-discovery moments when using the iTero Element 5D intraoral scanner. By leveraging this technology to build trust with your patients, you will uncover powerful ways to educate them on treatment needs using the tools of the iTero system. 

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Wellness in Dentistry by Barry Taylor, DMD

According to the 2021 ADA Wellness survey,16% of dentists experience anxiety. Dentists younger than 40 years old were more likely to score higher on the depression risk assessment questions than older dentists and have lower self-competence. Dr Barry Taylor uses his own personal story and journey
through depression to wellness in this evidence based presentation on wellbeing.
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Saturday, June 10th

Avoiding Failures and Resolving Aesthetic Challenges Utilizing State of the Art Digital Technology by Joyce Bassett, DDS

This presentation will explore frequently seen problems that occur during restorative treatment, showcasing a variety of modes of failures. You will learn systematic techniques that can be used to both prevent and remedy these failures. This digitally generated systematic approach will guide the dentist and expedite important decisions, provide unique patient communication options, and improve the predictability of the aesthetic outcome.  Dr. Bassett will also cover communication techniques that offer realistic patient expectations.

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Ivoclar USA presents "COMPOSITE ARTISTRY: Mastering Posterior and Anterior Techniques of Direct Composite and Creating Undetectable Restorations" by Joyce Bassett, DDS

Direct aesthetic restorations are one of the most requested performed procedures in any dental practice today. Techniques to create morphologically precise direct anterior and posterior composite restorations will be discussed and demonstrated. You will develop artistic capabilities by training your eyes to see the different dimensions of color, when evaluating an anterior tooth. You will then learn which opacities and thickness to use in each area to be reconstructed and make a fracture line disappear. Learn when and how to use pink composite to mimic gingiva ..

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Align Technology Presents "To Breathe or Not to Breathe: Uncovering Airway’s Role in Overall Wellness" by Tammy Staiger, RDH

How can one small change in your practice help you positively affect your patients’ lives? This course is designed as an introduction to recognize airway issues and offer simple solutions. Topics will include practical ways to incorporate orthodontic and sleep appliances to promote healthy airway function.

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"Opioids in Dentistry" by Barry Taylor

Dr. Taylor will review the role opioids play in dentistry and discuss alternative pain management strategies.