Executive Council

The Alaska Dental Societies Executive Council functions ​as the Board of Directors of the ADS.  The Board meets face to face at the annual meeting and by video conference bimonthly during the year.  The Board is charged with review of the fiscal policy of the ADS and with development of and monitoring the progress of the ADS Strategic plan.

Committees & Taskforces

The Alaska Dental Society has committees and taskforces appointed that research various topics, review the information with the Executive Council and make recommendations for action.  The Executive Council in turn reviews that information and gives the committees and taskforces direction.  The committees have large discretion in their makeup and operating strategy.  If you are interested in serving on a committee please contact the committee chair or the ADS office at 907.563.3003.  Currently the ADS has ​4 committees and 6 taskforces.  See below for information.

ADS Committee chart
  • Executive Committee
  • Strike Taskforce
  • Membership
  • Governmental Affairs
  • Budget & Finance
  • Peer Review
  • Executive Council Leadership Taskforce
  • Executive Council Annual Meeting & CE Taskforce
  • Communications Taskforce
  • Project Access Taskforce
  • Dental Lifeline Taskforce
  • Give Kids a Smile Taskforce
  • Executive Council Staffing Taskforce