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ANTHC to fund federal employees’ pay during the shutdown

About 180 federal staffers working at the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium facilities will continue to receive paychecks during the federal government shutdown — at least temporarily — the organization said in a statement Friday.

As the longest government shutdown in American history enters its 22nd day, the tribal health organization has said an agreement with the federal Indian Health Service will allow it to fund payroll for its “Civil Service employees and Commissioned Corps officers.” Shirley Young, a spokeswoman for ANTHC, said the agreement covered all federal staffers working in the organization’s facilities and programs. Many of these are pharmacists, doctors, nurses, engineers and environmental specialists, she said.

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Should Juneau revisit water fluoridation? New study renews debate

After Juneau stopped adding fluoride to drinking water in 2007, Dr. David Logan says he quickly saw an increase in patients with cavities.

Now executive director for the Alaska Dental Society, Logan practiced dentistry in Juneau for 28 years and his retirement came in 2013 — about six years after the City and Borough of Juneau stopped fluoridation.

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