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Alaska Dental Society Legislative Update

The first half of the 2017-18 Legislative session ​ended in May 2017 and remains in special session as of June 2017. 
Bills of interest to the ADS will be tracked throughout the session.
The ADS sends a informational flyer to all legislators at the beginning of the session describing ADS actions and suggested legislation.  To see the flyer.
If you have legislators or legislative staffers as patients please contact Jessy Blanco

To see what the ADA did in 2015 and the ADS did in 2016:

2016 ADS Legislative Accomplishments
2015 ADA Lobbying Accomplishments

ADS Legislative Proposals

At the beginning of every legislative session the ADS sends to every legislator a review of ADS accomplishments and suggestions on legislation to improve dental health in Alaska. 

2017 ADS Oral Health Plan